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Our cluster operates in three strategic fields.
Learn about them and it is up to you to decide which direction you wish to develop your business with us.

Our flagship mission is the ability of competing with international companies as well as we aspire to a systematic rise in the market share on domestic and international markets by increasing competitiveness.

We want our offer to be an alternative for solutions presented by huge entities.

Cluster Coordinator the Sekwencja Sp. z o.o. company looks for projects where Cluster members can apply their necessary competences, creates task teams, coordinates the preparation of offers and participates in the management of projects conducted by Cluster members.



IT Security

IT Security

We know how security is important in the IT systems. Thus another strategic field of our cluster is the protection of data in businesses.

We pay special attention to sensitive data in a company and we indicate solutions that aim at data protection and protection against data leak and theft.

We look for entities which are ready to cooperate in the area of IT security, and which are willing to exchange experience applying the so-called good practises.

IT Systems

In this field we focus not only on companies that do research and development work in the area of innovation, analysis and design of systems, their implementation, but also on companies that test created solutions and that deal with selling and servicing them. We look for partners that have experience in each of these stages.

IT Sysytems
Smart Health

Smart Health

In this strategic field we focus on E-health and telemedicine, using the latest trends and innovativeness in the area of IT.

We conduct research and development in the area of creating technologies and algorithms helpful in reading and interpreting medical measurements.

We look for companies that produce and sell measuring devices, including sensors measuring medical parameters, but also in this project we are open to cooperate with It companies that create algorithms and develop software for mobile applications.


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